At Excel Church we pride ourselves on making sure you feel really welcome and at home in our Services. We believe that Church should be enjoyed, not endured. So why not come down and check us out. We currently have 2 Physical Services (11am and 6pm) and an Online Service at 11am every Sunday. Church isn't quite as it would normally be at the moment (due to COVID) but we are sure you’ll still love our church as much as we do and we look forward to meeting you. PLEASE NOTE that the information below relates to how our services would normally look. Our services look a little different at the emoment, but they are moving back to normality from week to week.  For up to date details about services, please click here.

What can I expect?

We want you to have a great experience at church, so our welcome team will be ready to greet you when you arrive and direct you to a seat. You can sit pretty much anywhere you like, although if you have small children you may prefer to sit near the back so you can make a quick escape to the crèche if needed. Our service is pretty relaxed. We sing a few songs, (the words come up on our big screen) we take communion (bread and wine) most 9:30 and 11:45 services and someone will talk for about 35 minutes. Hopefully it will inspire you and be helpful to you. We usually finish with a song. Our morning services last for 1 ½ hours and our evening service about 1 ¼ hours.


We aim to make church accessible to as many as possible so if you have trouble getting to church, let us know and we may be able to help. The address is at the bottom of the page. We are within walking distance of the Metro trams (The Crescent stop) and Bilston bus station. Please contact us for more detailed directions.


Wear what you like! The dress code is casual, although you won’t look out of place if you wanted to wear a suit!

What about my children?

Children and young people are a high priority at Excel Church. That’s why we have a dedicated team of DBS checked people who will look after them and help them to get loads out of church. If your children are in school years reception to year 6, they will join our exciting KidShape team. They stay in for the first 25 minutes or so of our service and then leave the main meeting to receive their own great teaching and have stacks of fun together with our brilliant kids’ team. Those in year 6 can opt to go into IGNITE for the teaching part of the group.


We have a crèche for pre-school where parents are welcome to take their children. The sound from the service is transmitted into the crèche and there is a window into the main church service so that you can still hear and see what is going on. This helps both you and others to enjoy the service without distractions.


We also have IGNITE for any children in year 6 and above who don’t want to stay in for the talk. They can go and join one of our leaders and other young people in discussing the Bible together informally, with a game or 2 usually thrown in too!

What happens at the end?

Free refreshments (tea, coffee, squash, cakes and biscuits) are available after our 11:45am and 6pm services. They are also available BEFORE the 9:30am service and we encourage people to stay around for a chat as we believe that building community is an important part of church.

Can I come on my own and meet new people?

There are a variety of ways to meet new people at Excel Church. Right from the moment you walk in the door, a member of our team will welcome you and introduce you to someone whom you can sit with if you wish. The best way to make great friends is to stay behind at the end to chat to people, join a connect group (these are small groups that meet in people’s homes across the area) and start serving in one of our  ministries. There are many opportunities for you to get involved. We also have lots of social events that you may be interested in depending on your interests and age.