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There are currently 3 ways you can be part of a Sunday Service. You can watch online (Facebook or Youtube) every Sunday at 11 o'clock or you can attend in-person for this 11 o'clock service or for our 6 o'clock service.

We have a full children's programme (Kidshape) for primary school aged children (reception to year 6) which happens during the main service! Find out more here


We really look forward to welcoming you soon!



11 O'Clock

Watch on Youtube

Watch on Facebook

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11 O'Clock

Join us in-person



6 O'Clock

Join us in-person

We currently have 2 services on a Sunday. One at 11am with a full kid's programme and a (generally quieter) service at 6pm. These services are different so some people choose to come to both. Our 11am Service is also streamed online via our Facebook and YouTube channels. If you’ve never been to Excel Church before, then check out our New to Church page which will hopefully answer some of your questions.


At our 11am services we have a full children’s programme called "Kidshape" for children in reception up to year 6. They come into the main service for the first 30 minutes or so and then go to out to receive their teaching in a fun and relevant way with our excellent team of trusted volunteers. Children can start coming to KidShape once they have started in Reception at school. We have a creche where you can take preschool children and babies, and still listen and see what is going on in the service. 

Our 11am service usually comprise of a time of praise and worship, most weeks we take communion (breaking of bread) and then someone will speak for about 35 minutes. The services lasts an hour and a half.     


Things are slightly different on special occasions (things like Mother’s Day and Harvest) when the children sometimes stay in for an all-age service. This is usually slightly shorter and incorporates video, quizzes, stories, worship and much more, all geared towards the whole family. Look out details of other special services too!


We offer free refreshments at our 11am service, they are available after the service in the minor hall.


Our 6pm service doesn’t currently have a children’s programme although children are still welcome to attend. We have a time of praise and worship, sometimes another item, and then someone speaks for about 30 minutes. We aim to keep this service a little shorter and finish by 7:15pm.

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