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Breaking habits through prayer

If you are struggling with a habit that is so stubborn that it has taken a life of its own, you must bring to your mind this scripture ‘I am watching over my word to perform it.’ (Jeremiah 1:12). Nothing brings victory like ‘praying the word.’ The word of God will never return to him void but will accomplish what it is purposed to accomplish (Isaiah 55:11). Below are some scriptures to begin your day with if you are fighting stubborn habits. The word of God never fails.

‘Lord, your word says that if I call on you, you will answer me; You will be with me in trouble, you will honour me and you will deliver me (Psalm 91:15). You said that through the power of your indwelling spirit I would be set free from this vicious cycle of temptation, sin and failure (Romans 8:2). You said if I fully commit my life to you, I will have the strength to stand up to devil and he will flee from me (James 4:7). You said you have given me the power to pull down all my old mental strongholds and take control of every wayward thought, imagination and impulse (2 Corinthians 10:5). You said that by reading your word each day and meditating on it, I would become a partaker of your divine nature, and overcome the destructive tendencies of my flesh (2 Peter 1:4). Today, I thank you Lord for helping me to overcome this habit I Jesus name. Amen!’

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