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Faith and careful planning go hand in hand.

Proverbs 16: 9 tells us ‘We should make plans - counting on God to direct us’.

There must be a balance between faith and careful planning. Not all Christians put this principle into practice. For example, when you talk with some individuals who are unemployed, they will declare ‘I am waiting on the Lord to provide me with a job.’ That is all well and good, but have you sharpened your job skills? Do you keep your CV live and up to date? You say, ‘I am not going down that route. I am just waiting on the Lord.’ Taking a position like that is not wisdom. There is nothing wrong in placing your life in God’s hand, but you must stay ready. You must do all you can to prepare yourself, while understanding that the favour you need comes from the Lord.

To walk by faith does not mean you stop thinking, planning, taking advice and taking action. It definitely does not imply becoming lazy and apathetic. That is a distortion of faith. Trust God for your finances, but be mindful to make a budget and stick to it. Trust God for safety when you drive, but keep to the speed limit and be sure to keep your seat belt well fastened. Trust God for your health but don’t chain smoke, consume excessive alcohol, live on fatty food and ignore exercise. Acting foolishly and expecting God to bail you out when things go wrong is presumption, not faith. Wisdom says do all you can, then trust God to do what you cannot do. Faith and careful planning must go hand in hand.

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