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Get out of your comfort zone

I have a painting of a large ship in my study, titled ‘RISK’. At the bottom of the painting, is a script which says: ‘A ship in the habour is safe, but that is not where ships are meant to be.’

A ship is meant to be out sailing, however troubled the waters. This is a cautionary statement about not desiring too much comfort, that we miss our destiny. Success and breakthroughs will only happen when we are prepared to step outside of our comfort zone. Ordinary people become extraordinary when they find the courage to step out of their comfort zones in faith.

As human beings we often want to have everything figured out before we step out into something new. But when we are brave enough to step out in faith into the unknown, God often steps in to perfect things for us. Faith, the bible tells us is ‘the substance of things we hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). If we had all the facts, we would not need faith.

Stepping out into the unknown is often scary, but being scared is normal and healthy. Fear causes us to totally depend on God, it removes pride and fosters humility. As Christians, any move towards total self sufficiency is a move away from God.

Never let the fear of what you cannot see hold you back because God often uses the scary places to move us into our destiny. So, step out afraid, but step out and watch miracles happen along the way. When we are weakest, God’s grace is strongest! (2 Corinthians, 12:9)

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