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  • Opeyemi Odejimi

Is God Enough?

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like God was too slow in His response to you and that His words/promises are not enough? It may be that you have being praying over a matter and God is asking you to be patient and trust Him, but you want a quick response.

Well, this was the same for Sarah, Abraham wife, while they waited for a child. When Sarah could no longer wait for God's promise, she decided to "help" God. Before then, God had spoken to Abraham one-on-one and promised him he would have descendants (Genesis 12 and 13). In fact, in Genesis 15, Abraham brought up his matter of childlessness with God and God reassured him that he will have children of his own and his heir will not come from his servant.

But in Genesis Chapter 16, we see Sarah trying to "help" God by suggesting to Abraham how they could have a child. Indeed, the child was born, but it soon became clear it wasn't what Sarah has expected and indeed, not God's promise to Abraham.

Are there promises God has spoken to you, or prophesies that have been spoken over you and they just appear not to be real or not coming to pass? Don't be impatient like Sarah. Isaiah 28:16 encourages patience, telling us that as people of God, we must not make haste. God’s wisdom is infinitely greater than our human wisdom. He sees and knows the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10).

Remember the story of Peter and the other disciples who had fished all night but caught nothing. Peter was an expert fisherman, but when Jesus told him to let down his net, he obeyed, by saying " we have toiled all night, but nevertheless at thy words" (Luke 5: 4-6). The result was more fish than they could ever have caught just by their own skills as expert fishermen!

This should be our outlook where we remind ourselves that God's word is enough because He loves us and cares about us. Also remember that God is not a man that He should lie (Numbers 23:19). God can be trusted; His word is His bond, so there is a great assurance that He will bring to pass those promises He has made to you. Therefore, always remind yourself that "God is enough" in all matters of your life.

by Opeyemi Odejimi

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