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Lessons from the life of Joseph

The life of Joseph teaches us that the road to success is not aways easy. Joseph had dreams no one else, not even his own brothers believed in, but he held on to it through the hardest of times. Joseph handled the resentment of those closest to him and kept a good attitude. He maintained his integrity when faced with temptation every day. Joseph was so honest, the prison warden trusted him with the keys. When he had the power to retaliate, he chose instead to be gracious. Joseph continued to say the right things to himself, when those around him were saying the opposite. He stayed so prepared that even though his dreams were delayed, he was ready to walk through the door when God eventually opened it. That is what the bible means when it says: ‘Until the time came to fulfil his dreams, the Lord tested Joseph’s character’ (Ps 105:19).

The lesson for us in Joseph’s story is that we must hold on tightly to our God given dreams and always set high standards for ourselves even when no one is looking. We must be diligent; work hard to resist and if necessary, work away from temptation. Remember, if no one else is watching, God is, and He will surely reward and bring his word to pass in your life.

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