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What’s your 2021 vision?

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

If you are reading this, chances are you are very much alive, so many congratulations for making it past 2020, the year of the COVID 19 pandemic and the year we all learnt to keep safe, calm and pray on! Those of us who have lost loved ones continue to reflect on the footprints they have left not only on our hearts, but on the world. This surely should cause us to reflect on how best we want to live 2021 as a tribute to those who sadly did not get the chance to see the New Year.

We may be full of good intentions or resolutions for 2021, but remember, today is just another date on the calendar and your world is not going to change just you entered a new year. It is you and the way you think that will make the change (Romans 12:2). This means reflecting on what you want the following areas of your life to ‘look like’ at the end of this year.

Spiritual growth: How are you going to grow spiritually this year? How will you stay committed to your local church? How often will you study the word of God? What is your personal and corporate prayer life like?

Finances: How are you going to manage your finances this year? Do you have a budget? Are you in debt? What is your plan to get out of debt? How much do you intend to give this year to bless the church and meet the needs of others? How much are you going to save regularly?

Physical health: What is your physical health like? Are you committed to a healthy diet? Do you exercise regularly? Are you overweight? What are you going to do about it? What is your plan to stay healthy in 2021?

Relationships: What does a healthy family life look like to you? How will you nurture healthy relationships? Will you let go of past hurts and forgive? Will you interact less with people who do not nurture your spiritual and personal growth? Will you take a greater interest in helping your children with their studies and their spiritual growth? Will you avoid gossip and slander? Be respectful to others and be less judgemental? Avoid prejudice?

Personal/Professional: What is your plan for your own personal and/or professional growth? Will you work diligently for your employer this year as if you are working for the Lord? Be on time? Not call in sick at the slightest opportunity? Use your time wisely knowing you can never gain back time that is lost? Reduce time on social media and invest in what helps you grow personally? Do whatever it takes to find a job? Get the relevant training?

In summary:

 What is your vision for 2021? You need one and you need to write it down (Habakkuk 2:2)

 You need to forget the past. You cannot move forward purposefully if you keep looking back (Philippians 3:13)

 You need focus and to forge ahead with perseverance until you reach your stated destination (Philippians 3:14)

 Commit all your plans to the Lord and believe that with His help, you will succeed(Proverbs 3:16)

Happy New Year all!

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